The company established

CV. Pondok Antik is a company that was founded in 1992. Originally known as the Pondok Antik which is the home industry because of the activities and the production process is done at home. Field work more engaged in building custom homes Still Bali or traditional Bali building as Bale gedong (meten), Bale Dangin (bale with 8 or 9 post), sills, doors, windows, wooden house construction, construction wood for houses and buildings holy Hindus.

Develop Workplace

In 2002 we started to make a work shop or work place that is not far from home that management is fully managed by I Made Mura. Work shop area of 2100 m2 equipped with portable machines, wood working and Dry Kiln very much support quality wood work, where wood is the most expensive accessory materials must be processed with painstaking and professional so we can get more value out of a building.

Effectiveness of Corporate Management

Pondok Antik effectively managed from the beginning of 2004, since then we manage with the new maximum aggressively seeking markets, especially owners of private projects abroad.

Awakening Company

Starting in 2004 Management and the management of this company we optimize and in 2006 the company began to be legalized into a limited company and began awakening CV. Pondok Antik receives an order to build villas, hotel block, bungalows, private houses (type Baliness or minimalist), restaurant, hotel, booking villa interiors and fixtures. Villa minimalist nowadays many are sold by foreign owners. so until now CV. Pondok Antik be special contractor cottage villa, pool and knock down buildings.

We also handle old house as a typical Along with the time and the time of development and client requests are very varied. Our company continues to keep pace with the breakthrough and troubleshooting tips to be able to create quality / quality and results that satisfy our clients. It also fosters the trust clients that we are ready to provide the best service.


With our experience of over 20 years working in construction company PT. Tunas Jaya Sanur from carpenter, supervisor, site manager, assistant project manager, project manager and finally manager of procurement and production is an inestimable knowledge to manage the company's CV. Pondok Antik starting in early 2005

With the demand of customers who pretty good variety of local customers, customers outside bali especially foreign customers increasingly add to our knowledge in managing this construction services towards a better direction in providing services to customers, providing better quality than any other contractor in general as well as the price and time competing.

Therefore we will use that knowledge in the CV. Pondok Antik only to serve customers in the field of :

  • Construction of dwelling house or building villas

  • Construction of cottages hotels and hotel blocks

  • Construction of pond and swimming pool

  • Construction of wooden houses knock down

  • Construction Building shrine

  • Procurement of furniture, doors window and other wood work.

Through this service we will be able to provide customer satisfaction in terms of quality, competitive price, time efective and personal service from the products we offer.

We hope to cooperate and entrust to us in the present place of your dream.