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Welcome to CV. Pondok Antik !

CV. Pondok Antik  is a company that was founded in 1992. Originally known as the Pondok Antik which is the home  industry because of the activities and the production process is done at home.

Start in 2006 the company began to be legalized into a limited company and began awakening CV. Pondok Antik receives an order to build villas, hotel block, bungalows, private houses (type Baliness or minimalist), restaurant, hotel, booking villa interiors and fixtures.

So until now CV. Pondok Antik be special contractor cottage villa, pool and knock down buildings.

Company Profile CV. Pondok Antik


  • Being a national construction services company that is credible based on service and quality of work product excellence with the support of a solid team work.
  • Provide the best services in designing house, villa and knock down building
  • Being the most popular contracting company


  • Always ready to realize the idea and design of construction that exceeds customer expectations
  • Consistently innovate for improvement of corporate management, leadership effectiveness and the quality of human resource development
  • Creating a commitment to an important position in building long-term mutually beneficial to the entire partner.
Company Profile
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Company Name
CV. Pondok Antik
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Years of Operation
since 1992
I Made Rundu
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Br. Luglug, Desa Ketewel, Sukawati, Gianyar-Bali
(+62361) 298058
(+62361) 295005
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