Advantages of Using the Contractor to Building Property

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Building a property such as houses, warehouses or other, sometimes we build itself or by searching builders themselves without planning, reluctant to use the services of contractors. Sometimes do not want to bother, immediately bought a house that was so.  However, using the services of contractors to construct the property can be profitable. Surely must first own the land (whether purchased or leased land)

Advantages of Using the Contractor Vs Build Your Own

  1. Free fees of planning (Building Design, 3D View, Image work, Pictures Planning, Image for Building Permit, Real Estimate of Cost, Schedule. Many contractors freed customers from this cost if use their services for build property.
  2. free fees consultation design. For design this too many contractors freed customers from cost this if use his services for build property.
  3. Contractor usually be supported by professional staff choice field (Design Architect, Design The structure, logistics, Executive and worker field), so work result will more professional when compared do itself.
  4. All type work is based on contract agreement work.
  5. Usually contractor give time maintenance building by team the technical for 3 months from time handover thank building.

Advantages of Using the Contractor Vs Buying a Home

  1. Design could follow desire your wish
  2. Building locations determined own by you not by developer
  3. Building materials (specifications materials) can follow with your budget
  4. You could see the progress of the building, to believes that our building materials use corresponding with contracts agreed.
  5. The building is assured quality.
  6. The prices were far more cheap compared with buy building so.

In planning to calculate the cost of the building, the contractor will always make Budget Plan based on the design of the building that has been agreed upon, in order to avoid lost in the budget implementation is. All the risks will rise in price that includes the price of materials / construction material and labor costs are the responsibility of the contractor field specified in the employment contract clause.